Quilt For White Ribbon (Pita Putih Aliansi)

This quilt was ordered by Pita Putih Aliansi for an International forum ( sorry I forgot where it held) The quilt is telling story about most pregnant women in Indonesia (especially in rare area).

Explanation on clock ways:

Picture 1 told about bigger family, the age from first child to second, third...not so far.

Picture 2 told about the knowledge in rare area are still low, the traditional way still do for deliver the baby

Picture 3 told that medical facility was so far away from home. It took time to rescue that women

Picture 4 was a sad story, the women finally died cause too late to rescue....:(

I made this project with my quilter group, Jak's Perca. We made all together for a month. Picture was ilustrated by my beloved husband, Henry....:D


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